Edward Ghabour

Doctor of Business Administration
Cairo, Egypt Edward Ghabour, Cairo Egypt
DBA Candidate, SMC University
MBA Academy of Science Cairo
Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University

Industry Background
As a BD&L Head, my role is to maximize the top and bottom lines for Novartis  Egypt.  This is done by analyzing the company portfolio, identifying gaps, and proposing solutions and corrective measures for profitability. To achieve such an objective, I evaluate business opportunities by exploring different types of partnering deals that fit the organization strategic objectives and help to expand and/ or strengthen Novartis’ position in the Egyptian Pharma market. Once an opportunity is identified, I start to prepare comprehensive business cases for the proposed partnering deals in collaboration with functional leaders.   I then submit approval and support from the global Novartis management in Basel. After getting project’s approval, I lead task forces with members from senior managers of Medical, Regulatory, Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR and Technical Operations to execute & monitor the performance of approved projects.   

As a Strategic Planning Head, I work closely with the Country Head and Directors to set the strategic intent, mission, and strategic objectives of Novartis Egypt’s five year plans. With their collaboration, I formulate the strategies to achieve the objectives and follow-up their implementation to ensure achievement of the overall company goals.  My long term experience in sales and marketing at Novartis has helped me a lot to succeed in my current position.    

Personal Vision
My aspiration is to lead the strategic planning and business development function on a global level at Novartis. However, despite my personal experience is only within the pharmaceutical industry, I feel that I can apply these same skills and experience in other industries.  I hope one day to lead a management consultancy and training firm. I believe my DBA studies will be the stepping stone for this alternative career path.   

As for the world, my dream is to have peace, justice, and prosperity at all places on the globe. I wish that war can end and be replaced by mutual understanding from all parties who are currently in conflict. I hope that the world’s leaders will have adequate wisdom to inspire the world in a positive way and to direct all the nations for their welfare.       

I enjoy reading and sports. I used to play football at school age, but now I prefer to watch football matches such as the Egyptian league, the African cup, or the most interesting  UK league , EU Championship, and World cup. I also enjoy teaching business topics such as leadership, communication, team building, and decision making.