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SMC is an accredited Swiss business school offering Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs to students in more than 120 countries. SMC offers you what is expected from a leading university – but much more: SMC is renowned for the best service quality and highest attentiveness in online education today. SMC provides you unrivaled financing solutions and risk-management. SMC applies the latest technology to ensure you an outstanding elearning experience.

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The power course that gives you all the tools you’ll ever need.

ac_lvl_1Associate (HND) Your first degree and perfect start into a prospering business career.
ac_lvl_2Bachelor The global standard for high potentials and advanced professionals.
ac_lvl_3Master The upgrade for managers who strive for the summit.
ac_lvl_4Doctorate The ultimate business degree. Unrivalled. Holders of this degree embrace all virtues of a top leader.


Associate of Businesss Administration Bachelor in Business Administration Bachelor in IT Security Bachelor in Marketing
Bachelor in Corporate Security Master of Business Administration MBA in Information Security Mgmt. MSc. in Finance
Doctorate of Business Administration Doctorate of Finance Doctorate of Management Doctorate of Political Economy

Egony, Zambia

I […] thank the entire management and indeed everyone who plays a role , from the cleaner to the president in ensuring the Institution runs smoothly! You have given me a tool that will not only benefit me alone but my family , country and indeed the world at large.
Please keep up the good work and continue changing lives! There is no better gift in life life than that of Education

Alessandro, Italy

I wanted to thank you for all the support that I received during my study with SMC. It’s been quite a challeging experience for me and a very enriching one that I will cherish in the years to come. Your support and guidance have been crucial for my accomplishment.

Fortunat, Kenya

Wow, congratulations to myself as well as to the SMC administration for your incredible engagement in providing better quality education that I am so proud to have had from SMC University. I would like also to thank you in particular for your dearest assistance since I took the very first step of my education in your institution.

Samson, Nigeria

It has been a wonderful experience at SMC University, I have loved the whole time i spent here. Thank you.

Etongo, Cameroon

With a lot of joy, I have the inestimable honour to say “KUDOS” to the administration of SMC University

Special Achievements of SMC Students

SMC graduate Dr. Nirmal Kumar Betchoo has published two international books: Managing Workplace Diversity: A contemporary context (June 2015) and Public Sector Management: A Millennial Insight (September 2016)

Managing Workplace Diversity: A contemporary context addresses issues in diversity like age, gender, race, social class, foreign worker, part-timers and migrants in the current global context. The published book is referenced as ISBN: 978-87-403-1031-3.

Public Sector Management: A Millennial Insight is about issues like public sector administration, e-governance, motivation and leadership, public sector financial management, etc. It is referenced as ISBN: 978-87-403-1430-4

Tabea Hirzel published her doctoral research thesis „Principles of Liberty“. Get your own copy here

Adengo Okoe has published her dissertation paper “Consumers’ attitude towards social media advertising and their behavioural response: the moderating role of corporate reputation” in the form of two papers in the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing 2015 Vol 9 4E. The paper has been selected by the journal’s editorial team as a Highly Commended Paper in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.

You can find details of all this year’s winners, including your own success, here
And details of the awards and how they are chosen here

Our recent graduate Wasif Minhas won the 2015 ACBSP Teaching Excellence Award for Region 8.

Andrea Vicini has published his book “Technological Innovation and the Effect of the Employment on the EU Countries” with Cambridge Scholars Publishing (see here)

Our former student Mwinyikione Mwinyihija has beein appointed as an Ambassador in the World Certification Institute as well as a full Professor of Management at an intergovernmental University of the United Nations.

Richard Stomper has published a summary of his thesis in the Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics.

Myles Mangram has been appointed as an Adjunct Professor for Colorado Technical University, teaching courses related to the Doctorate of Management – Environmental and Social Sustainability degree program.

Ray Titus published his book titled “YUVA INDIA: Consumption & Lifestyle Choices of a Young India” (Penguin-Random House, 2015). You can buy it here

For more publications please visit HERE