Pragmatic Approach

  • Personalization
  • High Interactivity
  • Practice Oriented
  • Continuous Updates
  • Modern Tools

Academic Excellence

  • International Partners
  • Acknowledged Faculty
  • SMC Course Ware
  • Online Library
  • >15 000 Case Studies
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  • Networking Platform

Continuous Support

  • Update Courses
  • Faculty Support
  • Personal Counseling
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Guiding Principles

Develop and provide curricula which anticipate the reality and needs of business and politics.

Provide pragmatic education with an appropriate combination of academic theory and practice.

Enhance the professional skills of the students in the field of business and politics to prepare them for successful careers in these fields.

Create a close interactivity between lecturers and students, and stimulate discussions, critical thinking, and analysis.

Contribute to the development of students as leading members of society by communicating social, ethical, environmental and other values beyond business and politics.

Encourage pedagogical innovations by the use of latest technological advances.

Establish strong relations with industry and develop curricula which are practice-oriented.

Provide continuous feedback and evaluation, in order to create progress and enhancement-driven processes of knowledge dissemination.

The European educational directives

  • Adoption of a system of easily readable and comparable degrees aimed at facilitating academic and professional recognition of course units, degrees and other awards, so that citizens can effectively use their qualifications, competencies and skills throughout the European Higher Education Area.
  • Establishment of a system of credits aimed at greater flexibility in learning and qualification processes, ECTS, providing both transferability and accumulation functions. Together with mutually recognized quality assurance systems, such arrangements will facilitate students’ access to the European labor market and enhance the compatibility, attractiveness and competitiveness of European higher education.
  • Promotion of mobility of students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff as set out in the Bologna Declaration and the Mobility Action Plan endorsed by the European Council in Nice in 2000.
  • Promotion of European cooperation in quality assurance and the recognition of the vital role that quality assurance systems play in ensuring high quality standards and in facilitating the comparability of qualifications throughout Europe.
  • Promotion of the European dimensions in higher education. In order to further strengthen the important European dimensions of higher education and graduate employability we develop modules, courses and curricula at all levels with “European” content, orientation or organization. This will concern particularly modules, courses and degree curricula offered in partnership by institutions from different countries and leading to a recognized joint degree.



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