Professor Kurt Leube

Professor of Economics – SMC University
Research Fellow – Hoover Institution
Professor Emeritus – California State – Hayward

kurt-leube-300Professor Kurt R. Leube is a resident of California and native of Austria and was educated in both, Germany and Austria. After working in Austria in different positions, he accepted an appointment as Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University in late 1983, and subsequently moved to California where he presently resides. In 1985 he was also appointed Professor of Economics at California State University, Hayward, and became their Professor Emeritus in 2002. Professor Leube is internationally recognized as a leading authority in the tradition of the Austrian School of Economics and one of the closest collaborators and disciples of Nobel Laureate Friedrich A. von Hayek.

Currently, Professor Leube works as Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution and specializes in Austrian Economics, Economic Philosophy, and the History of Economic Thought. In addition to his research work at Hoover, he also teaches ‘Austrian Economics’ in the EISP and CS Programs at Stanford University. Professor Leube holds several recurrent Guest Professorships at leading European and South American universities, and serves also as the Academic Director of the “European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation” ( in Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein.

Among Profesor Leube’s numerous publications include the important works of: The Essence of Hayek (1984, 2001); The Essence of Stigler (1986); The Essence of Friedman (1990, 2003); The Essence of Schumpeter (2000); An Austrian in France (1999); and, Der unbekannte Mises (2002). He serves currently as the editor-in-chief of the book series Studien zur Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftsordnung published in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Professor Leube is also member of several learned societies, and serves on a number of international Academic Advisory Boards.

Academic Positions

  • Professor of Economics, SMC University
  • Professor, EISP, Stanford University
  • Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
  • Professor Emeritus California State Hayward
  • Research Fellow, ICER, Torino, Italy
  • Guest Professor, University of Aix en Provence
  • Guest Profesor FMU Guatemala City
  • Guest Professor Charles University, Prague

Main Academic Interests

  • Political Economics
  • Histroy of Economic and Legal Thought
  • The Austrian School of Economics
  • Law and Economics

Honors And Awards

Among many other international distinctions, he was awarded several major research awards and honorary appointments.

  • Der unbekannte Mises
    On some unintended consequences of the welfare state”
  • A proposito di Kelsen, di Mises e della cultura giuridica prevalente al tempo in cui Hayek frequentava I primi anni di Universita
  • Uber Gesetz, Recht und Freiheit. Zu F.A. von Hayek’s Analyse der Demokratie
  • On Menger, Austrian Economics, and the Use of General Equilibrium
  • Some Remarks on Hayek’s The Sensory Order
  • Director and Founder, Friedrich A. von Hayek Institute, Vienna (A);
  • Dean, SMC-F.R.E.E., Zug (CH);
  • Editor-in-Chief, The International Library of Austrian Economics.