Dr Thomas Grisham

dr-thomas-grisham-300Dr Thomas Grisham has over 37 years of experience on domestic and international business and programs up to US$3 billion in the power, infrastructure, transportation, education, commercial, communications, manufacturing, business development, and dispute resolution sectors. This experience has been gained in 60 countries across a variety of business models, with expat assignments in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and part-time in India, Spain, and the UK.

He has over 13 years of research and teaching experience at the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD levels with numerous universities in a variety of countries. He has also provided executive education in 18 countries with hundreds of companies from Alcatel-Lucent to ZTE. He has published 45 articles, and four books – Cross-cultural Leadership (XLQ), International Project Management: Leadership in Complex Environments; and chapters in Developing Communities of Practice for International Construction Organizations – Enhancing Knowledge Management in Construction Organizations, A Practioner’s Guide, and in Managing Designing Risk, Perspectives on Architectural Management.

Speaking experience includes Cultural Knowledge and Communications for a PMICC Trinidad chapter meeting, keynote address for PMICC annual conference in Trinidad, guest speaker for the MBA program at NL Dalmia in India, keynote speaker for the IPMA Helsinki chapter meeting, presentations for CIB in Dubai, Cape Town, Hong Kong, and for an IPMA conference in Russia. In fall of 2010 he gave a speech on project management offices (PMO) for PMI in Beijing, in Hong Kong he gave a seminar on managing and working in virtual teams for USB, in Seoul he gave an informal seminar for the interdisciplinary studies program at Kyung Hee University on the confluence between globalization and technology, and in Pusan a seminar on international management for the United Nations.

Ongoing research interests center on cross-cultural leadership, and interdisciplinary studies to explore the connections between it, business, economics, psychology, sociology, neurology, anthropology, physics, history, art, music, and more. Those interests include cross-cultural conflict, ethics, globalization, Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s), creativity, and other topics related to global business – with cross-cultural leadership considered a strategic asset.

Credentials include BE, MBA, Doctor of Project Management, PMP, PE, AAA & ICDR Panel of Neutrals, and a member of International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB).

More information is available at www.thomasgrisham.com