Student Success Advisor

SMC University (SMCU) focuses on the success of its students. Therefore it has implemented the position of a Student Success Advisor.


  • Will hold a weekly teleconference to explain students about handling of the platform and key strategies to succeed in an online program
  • Successfully guide a new student through the critical first and second course
  • Assist students whenever they face an issue
  • Suggest improved processes to SMCU leadership


To achieve this objective, the Student Success Advisors:

  • Successfully introduce a new student to the learning platform
  • To contact all students recently enrolled
  • To engage with all students currently enrolled in a program
  • To be available for all academic and platform related questions by students

PLEASE NOTE: Organizational questions (admission, enrollment, payment, etc.) will continue to be handled by Administration. The Student Success Advisors are based in the USA and can be contacted under the following contact details:

  • Email:
  • Skype: smc.student.success.advisor
  • Monday-Friday: 8am-10am (CET = GMT+1)
  • Wednesday: 2pm-4pm (CET = GMT+1)
  • Saturday and Sunday: 12pm-2pm (CET = GMT+1)
  • Or by appointment