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Anastasia Medvedko

Master of Business Administration

MBA Candidate, SMC University, B.Mgmt., Novosibirsk State Tech. University, Russia

I work in the Field of Strategic Marketing and Development for Novosibirsk Electrovacuum Plant–Soyuz Holding. My main objective is to determine the future of company’s business development. I like this area as I focus on the processes of developing strategy, gaining a competitive advantage, creating key competencies, developing strategic marketing and managing strategic change. I like to see how the contribution of my knowledge and skills impacts the company’s development on the domestic and international level.

I started my career as a marketing manager through internships in European companies, such as: Broen Lab Group-Denmark and Lenzing Plastics-Austria and I had the opportunity to put the experience I got there to a development of strategy for a Russian company. Currently, I am busy with different projects that are moving the company toward internationalization (investment projects, merging and acquisition projects with main foreign producers in the same industry as we work namely technical ceramics), marketing research and analysis for better strategic vision.

At the moment I work as the Head of a Marketing and Development Department and would be interested in gaining experience as a Development Director of the company further that includes not only marketing and strategic planning work but as well scientific collaboration with the goal of the technological development of the company.In general I am eager to make my contribution in globalization processes through Russian companies development on a foreign markets as well as opening new horizons for Russian economy, people and young generations. I would like to make young generation to be proud of their country, to be open to the world and diversity of cultures.
As for my own interests, I enjoy traveling a lot (new culture, new customs and people) mountain ski, music (playing piano), foreign languages (especially Spanish and Latin culture and music),reading new business magazine and books as well as classics, and watching my children’s development. I have two little daughters (1 and 4 years old, Violetta and Eva accordingly) and I devote a lot of time to develop their personalities and make their life interesting and exciting (Painting, Math, Playing Piano, Music, English, Theater, Rhythmic Gymnastics etc.)

Andreas Mwoombola

Master of Human Resources

Andreas Mwoombola – Bachbrecht, Namibia, Master of Human Resources Candidate – SMC M.B.A. – University of The Free State, South Africa

My first exposure in this vibrant field of Human Resources Management was with the Namibia Airports Company, when I was assigned to manage the Human Resources Department in 1998. It was a challenging task, however, commitment, discipline and my “bad” habit as a workaholic pulled me through the most difficult hurdles of the responsibilities. The Namibia Airports Company was rated as one of the best performing companies and I am happy to have contributed to that recognition. I am currently in the employment of Namibia’s leading financial service provider: FNB Namibia Group heading the entire human capital of more than 1600 staff. My duties are broad and ranges from preparing and presenting HR strategies and policies for approval by the Group Executive Team and participating in Group strategic development programmes. I also consolidate staff budgets annually and present them to the Executive Team for consideration.
My vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating working environment for my fellow colleagues to enable them to recognize and achieve their fullest potential. This will enable them to give their best contribution, both personally and professionally.
I continued to develop my personal and professional careers and was appointed as General Manager at the Namibia Wildlife Resorts and I have not deviated from the personal goal to become a reputable and leading HR executive in Namibia.
I like travelling, watching sport such as soccer, tennis, and rugby. I am a fun-loving person, fond of outdoors; especially nature which fascinates me a lot.

Delair Adib

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Delair Adib – Dubai, The United Arab Emirates, M.Sc. Computer Systems Design – Manchester University, U.K., B.Sc. Electrical Engineering – Nottingham University, U.K.

I am the General Manager and partner of an IT services and solutions company based in Iraq and Dubai since 2005. We are partners of global IT companies and offer end to end IT products, solutions and systems integration to the private and public sector and consumers. We also provide authorized IT vendor training courses in our training centre as well as having an authorized testing centre. In addition, I have performed the Chief Strategy Officer position for the biggest mobile operator in Iraq in 2008. Prior to that I worked in several positions for Hewlett-Packard as the Iraq Country Manager, Middle East IT Solutions Manager, Program and Project Management and consultancy roles.

I moved back to the Middle East and based in Dubai by joining Compaq in 1999 as an eBusiness Consultant/Solutions Architect in the Professional Services division covering the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa. I was driving Compaq eBusiness solutions in the region concentrating on B2B and B2C eCommerce working with Compaq solutions and implementation partners and have done numerous presentations, proposals and solution designs on eBusiness in the region.

Previous experience and employment was in eCommerce strategy and implementations, project and team management, solution architecture, software engineering and development, software department management, IT consultancy and solution sales with Cambridge Technology Partners, Entranet, United Press International, Nokia, Xerox, Philips, ICL in several European countries and as a partner in an IT consultancy in the UK. I have experience in the following business sectors: telecommunications, consumer electronics, media, banking and financial services, retail, automotive, telematics and instrumentation.

I left Iraq in 1977 during secondary school and completed my education and started my career in the UK. I went back to Iraq for a visit for the first time in September 2003.

I believe that technology will be playing an increasing role in our lives such as the way the Internet and mobile technology has been transforming the way we communicate, share information, conduct business and interact in our daily lives. My task is to help in the expansion of the technology business that my partners and I have set up and to introduce new technologies and ways of doing business in developing nations such as Iraq in order to offer automation and new technologies to as many people as possible whether they are consumers, businesses or the public sector. My vision is that citizens are empowered by technology to enhance their education, skills and opportunities and contribute positively to the communities they live in as well as reach out and interact with other citizens around the world. This will promote mutual understanding, exchange of ideas, progress, peace and prosperity.

Edward Ghabour

Doctorate of Business Administration

DBA Candidate, SMC University MBA Academy of Science Cairo Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University

As a BD&L Head, my role is to maximize the top and bottom lines for Novartis Egypt. This is done by analyzing the company portfolio, identifying gaps, and proposing solutions and corrective measures for profitability. To achieve such an objective, I evaluate business opportunities by exploring different types of partnering deals that fit the organization strategic objectives and help to expand and/ or strengthen Novartis’ position in the Egyptian Pharma market. Once an opportunity is identified, I start to prepare comprehensive business cases for the proposed partnering deals in collaboration with functional leaders. I then submit approval and support from the global Novartis management in Basel. After getting project’s approval, I lead task forces with members from senior managers of Medical, Regulatory, Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR and Technical Operations to execute & monitor the performance of approved projects.

As a Strategic Planning Head, I work closely with the Country Head and Directors to set the strategic intent, mission, and strategic objectives of Novartis Egypt’s five year plans. With their collaboration, I formulate the strategies to achieve the objectives and follow-up their implementation to ensure achievement of the overall company goals. My long term experience in sales and marketing at Novartis has helped me a lot to succeed in my current position.

My aspiration is to lead the strategic planning and business development function on a global level at Novartis. However, despite my personal experience is only within the pharmaceutical industry, I feel that I can apply these same skills and experience in other industries. I hope one day to lead a management consultancy and training firm. I believe my DBA studies will be the stepping stone for this alternative career path.

As for the world, my dream is to have peace, justice, and prosperity at all places on the globe. I wish that war can end and be replaced by mutual understanding from all parties who are currently in conflict. I hope that the world’s leaders will have adequate wisdom to inspire the world in a positive way and to direct all the nations for their welfare.

I enjoy reading and sports. I used to play football at school age, but now I prefer to watch football matches such as the Egyptian league, the African cup, or the most interesting UK league , EU Championship, and World cup. I also enjoy teaching business topics such as leadership, communication, team building, and decision making.

Johannes Pfeil

Doctorate of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration Candidate – SMC, Master of Business Administration – Sales Manager Akademie, Vienna, Technical Engineering, Berufsakademie Heidenheim

After finishing my studies of technical engineering I have been working for the Wieland-group, a German producer of semifinished products, first in the technical support for the production facilities, than as a member of technical marketing. In the year 2000, right before moving to Austria, I was a member of the core “strategy” team, partnered with McKinsey. Since that time, I’ve acted as the managing director of an Austrian subsidiary of Wieland, mainly dealing with copper tubes, copper and brassbars. The basis of my career could be found in good communication and presentation skills. I strongly believe in 80/20 and therefore I´m no perfectionist. The highlights (supporting my career) have been trouble shooting in Asia through 1998 /1999 and the collaboration with McKinsey.
I believe in the increase of value based ethics in the business world, especially between business partners (b2b) and even among competitors. There are a lot of people who bend the truth even when saying nothing. Business based on this way of communication always run the risk to collapse.
Where do I want to go? I reached a lot at a quite young age. Maybe later on I will want to take over more responsibility (bigger company). I will always increase the value of the company I am working for and give all of the engaged employees a safe working place.
My personal interest are my family with a beautiful wife and three wonderful children, skiing with the family and friends, playing the Oboe and basketball.

Julie Beardsell

Doctorate of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration Candidate – SMC, Master of Philosophy – Newcastle/Northumbria University, U.K., Teacher Certificate in Education – Portsmouth University, U.K.

I began my professional career in 1986 as a graduate trainee in advertising and public relations, gaining journalistic and publishing skills through contact with local and national media in London and went on to be appointed trade marketing manager at a UK-wide cash and carry wholesaler responsible for trade public relations and marketing of a wide range of branded and own label FMCG products to the retail and catering business sectors. In 1993 I made a career switch into education, combining a master’s research degree, with teaching and department management responsibility for business studies and economics.

In 1998 I moved to The Netherlands, where I joined a global IT services company, Origin, reporting to the VP of corporate communications with responsibility for global internal communications projects. Following the acquisition of Origin by Atos, in around 2000, I was appointed senior business consultant responsible for various activities including:

  • A three-year multi-million global program to design and implement the future, SOx compliant, EDM architecture for ING Bank’s Wholesale Shared Service Center.
  • An outsourced service provisioning program to implement a procurement catalogue management service for various clients simultaneously, including Akzo Nobel Corporate.
  • Strategic alliance relations with enterprise content management partners and initiatives to determine consortium alliance strategy together with industry analysts.

From 2005 to 2008, I worked on a number of international sales projects to create tailored client proposals in large (+€20 million) strategic international outsourcing opportunities, in a senior account management role executing a large multi-sourcing contract in the Financial Services sector, for which my colleagues and I received the Atos Origin Sales Team of the Year Award (2007) and the Atos Origin Best Client Performance Award (2007). In 2008, I was appointed by Logica to lead large outsourcing services engagements. I’m especially interested in business process outsourcing of Finance & Accounting solutions and the financial services market sector.

My personal vision is to turn Maslow’s pyramid upside down. The biggest block gets the focus; we can then strive together to solve some of the world’s challenges and get a closer view of the pyramid’s top.
Since beginning the doctorate program at SMC University, I’ve been interested in thought leadership. I also enjoy going to the opera, ballet and improving my ear for classical piano. I enjoy the atmosphere created by a live jazz session on a Sunday afternoon. I play the guitar. I like fine wine, hiking and exploring places of natural beauty with my family. I’m learning to play tennis and I practice yoga.

Mario Situm

Doctorate of Finance

Doctor of Finance Candidate – SMC, Dr.rer.soc.oec. (Business Administration), University of Innsbruck, Mag.rer.soc.oec. (Business Administration), University of Innsbruck, MBA (Financial Management), University of Linz

Currently I am the team leader of Cash Management & Payments for Corporates at the Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg AG – a local bank in Austria. My business tasks contain strategic planning, performance measurement & management and different operational activities. Before I obtained this position I was self-employed as financial adviser and worked as assistance of the executive board at a real estate company.
I see my next position in the upper management, where I can focus on strategic issues and take responsibility for business success. With every day I try to give my best and I am always motivated to make improvements, which are in the end induces success in business. I want to achieve the status of being recognized as highly qualified professional and reliable manager.
In my spare time I play my guitar which lets me renew my energies and free my mind for new ideas. Additionally, I play tennis and sometimes jogging. Another main interest is to learn new things and to expand my knowledge in different topics of business and laws.

Martin Prater

Doctorate of Business Administration Graduate

Doctor of Business Administration Graduate – SMC, Postgrad Certificate in Advanced Business Research – USQ, Australia, M.B.A. – University Hagen, Germany, Computer Science – KVZ Business School, Zurich, Switzerland

After completing his A-Levels in 1988 Martin started his career programming a software solution package for dentists on the Apple Macintosh. Later he moved to IBM as a systems engineer and project manager working both in Switzerland and California. At this time he co-authored the IBM Redbook “MVS to AIX Application Migration Cookbook”. In 1994 he joined the independent Private Bank Julius Baer in Zurich as an IT architect. Since 1996 Martin has held a number of management roles within the IT department at Credit Suisse in Zurich. Currently he is the Director of Application Services responsible for Engineering web technologies, business intelligence, the Java enterprise platform as well as middleware. His team is based in New York, London, Zurich and Pune (India).
The financial industry is going through a dramatic transition phase. Being part of this is both challenging and intimidating. In this situation it is inevitable to rise to the challenge at hand while avoiding panic. Martin believes that the whole market environment will be faced with increased requirements around regulation, ultimately raising the bar for professionalism and control. Meeting these requirements while maintaining efficiency will be the key to long term business success. Having both the background in business and a long tenure within IT is the personal success factor Martin believes will be his individual competitive advantage in this environment. His personal interests and goals lie at the crossroads of business and IT. Understanding how IT can offer new business opportunities rather than be confined to the efficiency space has become his personal ambition. In this context Martin’s dissertation focuses on Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) which according to Gartner addresses providing real-time access to critical business performance indicators along with the supporting information to improve the speed and effectiveness of business operations.

Raymond Leduc

Doctorate of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration Candidate, SMC University, M.B.A. Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, B.A. Honors Ivey School of Business , University of Western Ontario

Certified General Accountant (CGA) 2002
I am currently the Assistant Director of the Aubrey Dan Program in Management and Organizational Studies at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario Canada. In addition to my administrative duties, I also teach our first year undergraduate course in Globalization and our fourth year undergraduate capstone Strategic Management course. Prior to joining Western in 2000 I worked as a business consultant and in IT technical sales support for 10 years. While I enjoyed the industry experience, my first interest has always been teaching and I am glad to be able to do what I love to do and share it with my students.
I am fortunate in that I get the chance to meet over 1,000 students each year and I hope I can instill in them the curiosity and excitement about learning that my professors gave to me. I see the students at the start of their careers and I would like to see them change the world on my behalf and with my blessing and encouragement.
In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis and squash, renovating our home, and walking along the beach with my lovely wife Sabine and our great dog Nick.

Tabea Hirzel

Doctorate in Political Economy

Doctorate in Political Economy Candidate, SMC University. MBA Unicativa and EAE Business School, Barcelona, Handelsdiplom, KLZ Kaufmännisches Lehrinstitut, Zürich

Starting my professional carrier as a nurse working in several Hospitals of the Kanton Zürich, I was exposed to international business relations in the Trade of Pharmaceutical Chemicals and Intermediates at Fischer Chemicals AG in Zürich. Looking for new challenges and fascinated by the agricultural sector, I decided to live in a foreign country and moved to Spain. As a habitant of Spain, I first worked for two years in the International Real Estate and Construction Business as Director of Finance and Human Resources. In 2005 I started working as a Marketing consultant to Spanish Wineries until I was hired for the largest winery in Europe, Virgen de las Viña. As Marketing Director, which is my current position, I specialize in business negotiations and sales for Eastern European, Russian and Far Eastern markets.
Coming from a Swiss Family with a very old tradition in international trade and politics, my desire is to follow the path of my grandfathers. According to their philosophy, bringing prosperity to their own people and to the world through a patient, persevering and peaceful mind and manner.
My greatest passion is my family, my dear husband and my three boys. We love to play music (piano and guitar) at home. I love to cook and eat, to go out for dancing and for walks in the mountains or at the beach. When time allows, I go horse-back riding or play chess with my oldest son.

Wes Zaboschuk

Doctorate of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration Candidate, SMC University, Master of Education, Leadership in Technology, University of Alberta, Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing Major, University of Alberta

Wes Zaboschuk is the Associate Chair in the Marketing program for the JR Shaw School of Business at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Before coming to NAIT, Wes worked as a sales executive for the Canadian operations of many multi-national companies including McGraw-Hill, John Wiley & Sons, Marks and Spencer, BTI International, and Coca-Cola. Wes highlights his experience in the publishing industry as defining his career path.

After a short stint at Coca-Cola, Wes went on to become a specialist of business curriculum as an Integrated-Learning Sales Specialist for McGraw-Hill Ryerson. With the advent of newer technologies available to faculty, Wes became a leader in providing digital solutions to faculty of post-secondary institutions in Northern Alberta and Vancouver Island. Since Wes’ inception at NAIT in 2002, he has been involved in course development in the sales related area. Wes has developed DRIVE Sales Training which is a required course for all students in the Marketing program at NAIT. Drive Sales Training includes a probing simulation and web based content which Wes pioneered and developed with other faculty, multimedia designers and an external software developer. Wes is also the current test-bank author for the leading Marketing textbook in Canada.

I would like to work with industry in fine-tuning DRIVE SALES Training. In order to do this, I would like to get primary data on business usage of technology tools used for sales training. DRIVE is a verb as well as a noun. With a career in sales, one must be able to steer customers into areas that will help them in their everyday business. A sales representative must also have drive in order to succeed in any sales career. Whether DRIVE Sales Training becomes the catalyst for a thesis on sales training or not, my personal vision is to improve the perception of the sales function both in the academic and business world.
I enjoy playing ice hockey and watching sports including football, hockey and golf. I also do enjoy retrieving with my Labrador-Rottweiler dog. I do have an interest in the latest technological innovations and am a Windows Media Center buff.

Xose Pineiro

Master of Finance

Master of Finance Candidate – SMC, Bachelor of Economics, Universidad de Vigo

Philips Electronics gave me the opportunity to begin my professional career helping to build its European Accounting Services in Dublin. Philips is one of the world’s biggest electronics companies and Europe’s largest, offering a great opportunity to develop my skills and to grow as a professional. Migration of the consumer electronics division accounting services of Spain and Portugal, followed by the SAP standardization processes project were within my duties. The knowledge gained during this period allowed me to join another leading organization, Tyco International Ltd. The financial issues of 2002 required a new orientation, change of the leading team and the commitment of all employees to re-establish the reputation of the company. I actively participated in this change process during the SOx implementation in the company’s European Reinvoice Center of its Medical Division in Switzerland, adapting the transfer pricing processes to the new policy.

Forecasting, Planning and Analysis Manager is my last role at Tyco’s Corporate office in Switzerland, which performs the accounting for Tyco’s internal treasury department as well as supports Tyco’s intellectual property functions. The role implied the responsibility of managing complex projects; absorption of spun-off residual entities, opening of Corporate offices in China or SOx processes standardization across all European Corporate offices. I also was instrumental in the Company’s $40B split in 2008. During this process, the Corporate International team was required to triplicate its financial entities and processes in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mauritius and Thailand, taking part on the recruitment and effective

I am an enthusiastic person and a finance professional who best develops and utilizes his abilities in changing environments, articulate in four languages and with a vast international experience in large multinationals who wants to take an active role on the globalization role the world is currently going through. Leading organizations challenging their employees with continuous efficiency improvements, seek of synergies or suggestion of innovative processes fit best my skills. My strong motivation is directly linked with the company values, a strong need I have in order to identify with the company and that I use as a driving force to achieve the company’s objectives. Learning and development are other key elements that impact my career.

My strong financial background, project leading experience and inter-personal skills are a strong foundation where to expand my skills as a manager, which will allow me to access roles in board directorships or executive positions, closer to the decision making body of a high growth organization in the future. With interests in strategy, financial analysis, financial restructuring, debt restructuring or due diligence in the nearest future and aiming a further professional development in more operational roles in a mid-term prospect, but also I would like to go in depth in employee development and motivational techniques. The human factor is an aspect that I would like to highlight as one of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century and an area where I would like to make a difference.

I am interested in outdoor sports, mainly skiing in winter and hiking in summer. Reading, travelling and discovering new cultures as well as cooking are my main activities in my private life.
In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis and squash, renovating our home, and walking along the beach with my lovely wife Sabine and our great dog Nick.