Step 1 – Online Application Form

The first step towards admission is the online Application for Admission and the mandatory upload of your supporting documentation.
Administration of SMC will follow-up in case of questions or need for clarification.

The first step towards enrollment at SMC is your online Application for Admission, providing us with information about yourself – your background, and achievements on both a professional and educational level. Be assured that your information is being processed with highest confidentiality and will not be passed to third parties for marketing purposes.
Make sure you have Detailed Curriculum Vitae (Resume) at hand for upload in the online Application for Admission form. Acceptable formats are Microsoft Word, PDF, TIF, JPG

Step 2 – Admission Committee

The SMC Admission Committee will promptly review your application, aligning your profile with the criteria for successful admission.

Step 3 – Acceptance / Rejection

In case of successful admission, you will receive a confirmation and instructions on the next steps towards enrollment.
Rejected applicants will be informed accordingly, including a detailed explanation of the decision.

Step 4 – Enrollment

Upon settlement of your initial tuition payment you will we granted unlimited access to the SMC Online Learning Platform.

Financial Assistance

SMC recognizes the need to create equal academic opportunities amongst candidates. We thus are diligent in providing financial support to motivated high potentials who face difficulties in the settlement of our regular tuition fees. For this purpose, SMC has inaugurated a Scholarship Fund, available to qualified self-funding students.

If you are also applying for financial assistance, please read the detailed instructions below:

  • Candidates who prove sustained past/present academic excellence
  • Candidates who are unemployed
  • Candidates who part of a low income environment.
  • Other (personal) constraints on a case by case basis
Scholarship grants for Doctoral level programs are applicable for the research work primarily and less for the general education component. Doctoral programs are considered as advanced degrees, and therefore assistance is primarily available for scientific contributions planned.

  • The available scholarships are provided as non-cash subsidies deductible from the regular tuition.
  • Swiss Management Center DOES NOT provide full scholarships.
  • Swiss Management Center DOES NOT financially support students studying at other universities.
  • Scholarship Requests are only reviewed in combination with Applications for Admission to an SMC distance learning program.
  • Scholarship Requests submitted subsequent to admission will not be considered.
  • To apply for a scholarship, please mark and fill the according section within the online Application for Admission procedure. Students with outstanding academic achievements are assigned the highest levels of scholarships.
  • Annual quotas applicable in regards to the country of origin of the applicant.
  • Only candidates who have submitted the entire package of required documents will be evaluated.
  • Previously rejected applications will not be reconsidered.
  • No inquiries on results shall be given in advance of the date announced to the candidate for the decision.
  • Applicants who have been granted Scholarships will be informed by the Admissions Committee in writing, indicating the level of financial assistance.
  • The regular process of enrollment and study is applicable to the students from the decision rendering onwards.
  • SMC reserves the right to require additional documents from candidates in regards to their financial eligibility.

Admission Criteria and Necessary Qualifications

Swiss Management Center welcomes qualified applicants with no discrimination towards their gender, age, cultural, ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds. Distance learning candidates are admitted on a continuous basis.

Admission at Swiss Management Center sets minimum criteria which have been designed to identify applicants who have sound academic potential and who show creativity, critical thinking, social and moral values, evidence of English language proficiency and strong motivation.

  • High School diploma or equivalent (e.g. Matura, Abitur, Baccalaureat)
  • Proficiency in English
  • Undergraduate degree from an internationally recognized academic institution
  • Minimum of 3 years work experience in middle management or higher
  • Proficiency in English
  • Graduate degree from an internationally recognized academic institution
  • Minimum of 4 years work experience in an executive/ leadership/ managerial position involving independent decision-making
  • Proficiency in English



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