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The International Executive Master of Business Administration (IEMBA) integrates the concepts and information of the various business and management disciplines and delivers through a blend of academic content and practical application. Individual courses focus on understanding external market forces, the business operations and leadership skills needed to address these, and the development of appropriate strategies required for business success. A practically-oriented thesis research project at the end of the program, allows the student to synthesize the knowledge acquired throughout the program.

Building on a student’s prior business education and experience, the IEMBA sharpens the mastery of the various business and management disciplines and explores how these are interlinked to create value in a global market.

This program is ideal for working professionals in leadership roles, regardless if they are employed or running their own business. It will equip them with a deeper understanding of the many diverse business activities needed to create value and train the leadership competencies they will need to steer organizational resources more effectively. The nature of the program will give learners a wide range of tools and techniques for transforming ideas and talents into sustained business success.

The general MBA courses completed at SMC Switzerland will serve as the ideal preparation for learners from a professional background and help ease the transition into the competitive IEMBA track.

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With the joint online IEMBA Degree program, you’ll have the opportunity to make an above-average annual salary while you’ll save up to 90% compared to the cost of other online or traditional Programs. There is not even an application fee. SMC supports you studying from any place at the pace you choose.


The online IEMBA program is intellectually challenging and has been designed by top academicians and business leaders alike. It strongly supports a modern blend of self-paced learning and online lectures, and provides unparalleled flexibility.

The SMC Education Group Malta provides highest quality academic content, live online lectures, a state-of-the-art learning management system, and all the convenience, personalization and individual development a student in the 21st Century should expect. Rather than settling on becoming yet another provider of online education, SMC Education Group strives to be a global digital campus where students, educators, the business community and life-long learners can collaborate to exchange and grow ideas.


  • Develop a global vision of the organization
  • Provide students with a broad foundation of education in the main management disciplines that is strategic and integrated in nature
  • Develop understanding of the theoretical concepts and technical skills relevant to management decision-making
  • Develop critical, analytical and consultancy skills
  • Provide a means of reflection on their professional practice and of professional development, in preparation for assuming strategic roles in international organizations
  • Instill knowledge to launch your own business and expand it into other markets


SMC Business School – Core courses

The primary aim of this course is to help the student develop a basic understanding of the essentials of management and the nature of complex organizations. In order to accomplish these goals we will focus on the basic theories, principles, concepts, etc. of management and organizations; attempt to develop rational and systematic techniques of analysis and inquiry; and endeavor to interface theory with practice. The orientation of this course will be toward providing professional managerial skills.
This course deals with the contemporary issues of improving organizational and individual effectiveness, globalization, organizational culture, leadership, introducing and managing change, the use of teams/groups, changes in technology, organizational restructuring, changed employment relationships, and the diversity of the workforce. The course examines both the social and economic roles of the company and studies individual and group behavior within these institutions.
This course is designed to provide a strategic view and understanding of the businesses environment. In every organization, to succeed executives need to fully understand business strategy as a whole and to create a solid understanding of how their present decisions might affect the business in the medium to long run. This is why the course comprises some of the most relevant business articles of the moment written by distinguished authors of strategy.
This course will teach you not only how to create a budget and other tools that everyone from accountants to marketing managers, and decision makers use, but also the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in business a general understanding of the financial decision making process. It is this combination of understanding the technique and how to apply it in the real world that empowers students to make business decisions and also concentrates on developing a high level understanding of the tactical and strategic significance of the financial management function within organizations. It covers the main financial tools of the company reporting system and the means of analyzing corporate performance.
The course introduces you to contemporary issues in the field both from a global and strategic perspective. It provides the basis for understanding labour relations, compensation and benefits schemes as well as the role of HR in the organisation.

SMC Education Group – IEMBA

This module provides an overview of the way in which the macroeconomic environment affects the decisions of managers. To achieve this goal, students explore the economic thought of different schools and how do they explain the workings of markets and economic cycles. This module helps students to understand the present economic crisis and in the future to be able to forecast economic busts knowing what information one should pay attention to. We will also consider the role of the entrepreneur and the different ways a company can be structured.
This course examines the organization, planning, and controlling of projects and provides practical knowledge on managing project scope, schedule and resources. Topics include project life cycle, work breakdown structure, network diagrams, scheduling techniques, and resource allocation decisions.
In this course students learn how to use economic principles as analytical tools for managers, enabling them to make more informed production and pricing decisions. Students also learn how different market structures affect business performance and strategy. Topics include: demand and forecasting, production and cost, pricing and output decisions, and market structures.
In this course, students are confronted with the complexities of doing business on a global scale. Focus is placed on the effects and demands on business operations and strategy when engaging in international trade. The topic is explored from a multi-faceted perspective involving: economic, political, legal, monetary and ethical issues.
The course provides learners with a global overview of systematic planning, design, operation, control and improvement of business processes within manufacturing and service industries. Leading industry examples and case studies are applied to integrate real world learning with theoretical understanding of key concepts for operations and supply chain management.
This course introduces students to the issues, strategies, and relationships involved in sales and business development activities. Students become acquainted with managing a sales force and helping them sell. Special emphasis is placed on developing a sales force program, managing strategic account relationships, team development, diversity in the work force, sales force automation, problem-solving skills and financial issues.
The course presents the framework of the strategic management process through which managers shape the company’s long-term competitive advantage. The course pursues three specific objectives: first, to expose students to the ideas and work of relevant thinkers in the field of strategic management; second, to make students establish connections between those ideas; finally, to apply those ideas to their own, real-life cases. As a result the course serves as a capstone course for the program, integrating many of the themes studied in previous courses.

SMC Education Group – Thesis Stage

The IEMBA master thesis provides students with the opportunity to undertake substantial original, independent research, on a particular topic of interest.  Based on the skills and knowledge developed in the Research Methodology course, together with theoretical knowledge gained from previous courses in the program, students develop their abilities in research design, data collection, analysis and critical interpretation, and apply these to the investigation of a problem or issue within their area of engagement.


Admission Criteria

Swiss Management Center and SMC Education Group welcome qualified applicants with no discrimination towards their gender, age, cultural, ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds. Distance learning candidates are admitted on a continuous basis.

Admission sets minimum criteria which have been designed to identify applicants who have sound academic potential and who show creativity, critical thinking, social and moral values, evidence of English language proficiency and strong motivation.

The following documentation and information is requested:

  • Undergraduate degree from an internationally recognized academic institution
  • Minimum of 3 years relevant work experience
  • High quality personal essay
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Proficiency in English


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The International Executive Dual-MBA programs is being offered jointly with our Maltese affiliate SMC Education Group Limited.

SMC Education Group prides itself in being one of the first true online institute of higher learning to have achieved NCFHE accreditation of the Ministry of Education based in Malta.  It is currently licensed to operate as a Higher Education Institution at level 7/graduate with NCFHE License Number: 2019-014.

As an EU member state, Malta’s accreditation process is aligned with European standards and accredited degrees are recognized throughout Europe and the world at large.


Due to the flexible structure of the program, enrollment is on an ongoing basis. Supported through the asynchronous method of studying, admitted students may commence their studies at any time in alignment with their personal and professional commitments.



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