In early 2009, SMC initiated a Library and Book sponsorship program for all Faculty, students and friends of SMC. Both sponsorship programs are a great way for everyone to be involved with building out the SMC Library facilities and leaving their legacy with SMC. All sponsors will receive a personalized letter of appreciation from the Chairman of SMC expressing the school’s gratitude. Simply inquire at the administration to take part in the Library Sponsorship program.

Library Sponsorship

All Faculty, students and friends of SMC are eligible to lend their sponsorship and support to the SMC Library on an annual basis. Annual donations of 500 Euros will see their names placed in a position of prominence in the Library on the donors plaque.

Book Sponsorship

This program enables all Faculty, students and friends of SMC to directly support the library by having a book dedicated in their name to be placed on the stacks. New students when referencing the book will see the generous donation made by the donor as indicated on a specially designed label on the inside flap of the dedicated book with reference to the donor’s name, date of donation and the donor’s relation to SMC: faculty, student or friend. Book donation start at 50 Euros and are a wonderful way for each and every individal to leave their own personal legacy within the walls of SMC for future generations of students.